EMT Training Schools – Get Your EMT Certification

Emergency Medical Technicians or EMT’s for short, are a vital part in any medical team when it comes to dealing emergencies. They are highly trained professionals that act quickly to respond in an emergency. Not only that they are healthcare professional that either work in a hospital, institution or an ambulance technician that respond in the field of an emergency.EMT’s are trained in first aid, emergency medical procedures, CPR and other medical practices that are vital n the field. There are a total of four levels in EMT and are scaled from 1 to 4. Everyone starts at level 1 and they are likely the first people to arrive during a scene. Experience EMT’s are thoroughly trained to handle emergencies and most of them are ranked level 4.

Why Choose an EMT Career?

The growth of healthcare services and the willingness to help other people in times of need is a good profession to practice. If you have always love helping people out from their misery, then an EMT career is a right choice for you. The EMT industry is good and you can expect to have stable job in the long run. Job openings will continue to grow as the population surges.

Becoming an EMT

The time it takes to beome an EMT depends on the training that you have acquire. Most basic EMT trainings require you to be a high school graduate. Students enroll in the program start from EMT 1 and later on move on to the ranks on becoming EMT 4. This training is achieve through a 1 – 2 year program program that will lead to an associate degree or a 4 year program for a bachelor’s degree.

Emergency Medical Technician Course

A high school diploma or certificate and a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Certification are necessary to get into formal EMT education and training programs. If a high school student wishes to become an EMT he/she needs to take the subject anatomy and physiology offered in technical institutes, community colleges and institutions that specialize in emergency care training.

The Emergency Medical Technician Training is divided into 3 levels, the Basic, Intermediate and Paramedics:

  1. Basic EMT Level – the training involves lesson with regards to patient’s conditions, dealing with trauma and cardiac emergencies, ensuring clear and patent airway, using field equipments and handling emergency situations. This includes 100 hours of specialized training, may involve hospital or ambulance setting.
  2. Intermediate EMT Level – requires 1,000 hours of training with respect to the scope and limitation of practice. This involves a more advance training in using complex airway devices, IV (intravenous fluids) and a few important medications.
  3. Paramedic Level – is the move advance level. Must complete the basic and intermediate trainings as well as training in advance medical procedures. The graduate of this training will receive an associate’s degree. The program requires 1,300 hours of training which make take up to 2 years. They can even stitch wounds and administer IV medications.

Certification and Licenses after Emergency Medical Technician Training
Passing the national exam (written and oral) and completing the training program will certify you as an EMT or Paramedic by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Jobs as an EMT

Medical institutions required professional medical staff and that is why EMT’s are the perfect candidate to fill in the role. Private ambulances also need professionally trained staff and as an EMT professional, you could likely land a job serving inside an ambulance. Not only that, you can always be certified later on and earn a high paying job.

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